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Chemistry Tuition

Understanding every chapter in the entire O-LEVEL, IP, IB & IGCSE CHEMISTRY syllabus is GUARANTEED @ The Educationist. Application of complicated and confusing Chemistry concepts [e.g Mole Concept, Chemical Bonding & Structure, Qualitative Analysis, Electrolysis & Organic Chemistry] to the most challenging exam questions will be addressed by The Educationist. Contact us @ 81888009 to experience the F9 to A1 Chemistry recipe now! Read more...

Maths Tuition

Our students came to The Educationist with their latest exam result slips showing D7-F9 grades in A.Maths, E.Maths, Advanced Maths, Core Maths, Integrated Maths & IGCSE Maths. Using our proprietary F9 to A1 Maths Program, which is a combination of both Science & Art, we are proud to help these same students achieve "A1"s in less than 3 months. Reserve an appointment with us @ 81888009 to find out how you can achieve "A1"s soon! Read more...

Physics Tuition

F9 to A1 results for O-Level, IP and IB Physics is finally achievable at The Educationist. All students are personally taught by The Educationist, who has the highest relevant qualifications in teaching Physics among tuition providers, since he completed a Master Degree in Engineering with scholarships. For more details on how you, like all our students, can achieve "A1"s in both Pure Physics & Combined Physics, please call 81888009. Read more...



"Thank you for tutoring my son over the last half year on Additional Mathematics, which is a subject he does outside of his school curriculum. Through your impeccable coaching, encouragement and motivation, Sean scored a B3 in the St. Gabriel's Secondary School's Sec 3 SA 2 examinations. He has been allowed a transfer to a better class in Secondary 4, and is now formally taking Additional Mathematics in school."

Professor Chow Kah Hoe
Singapore General Hospital
Hepato-pancreato-biliary and Transplant Surgery
Senior Consultant
MBBS, FRCS (Ed), M Med (Surg), FAMS, PhD "My Son, Sean Chow, scored F9 for his Sec 3 Mid-Year Exams. Thank God we found you after his Mid-Year Exams. Through your impeccable coaching, encouragement and motivation, Sean Chow passed End-of-Year Exams with flying colours. Sean has also been allowed a transfer to a better Sec 4 class"

Director Jack Neo, PBM "I would like to thank The Educationist for imparting his wonderful study techniques and knowledge to my son, Benjamin Ng Song Kai, who scored 100 marks for his ACS(I) Sec 3 Final Year A. Maths Exam, and 95 marks for his Sec 3 Final Year Chemistry Exam. The Educationist has truly distinguished himself from all other teachers in the field of education."

Mdm. Ngor Lai Kee "I would like to thank The Educationist for helping my son, Kian Wai, with your patience, encouragement, academic expertise and interesting teaching techniques. His good grades within only three months, are only possible with your help and guidance. My sincere thanks again!"

Mdm. Ang Kheng
Current School Teacher with 20 years of teaching experience "The Educationist's remarkable knowledge and effective teaching techniques assisted my daughter, Pearlyn Woon. She made impressive improvement in her Chemistry and A. Maths grades. He also helped to motivate her interest towards these subjects. I would thus like to take this opportunity to thank him for his effort in guiding my daughter. I would strongly recommend him to other parents."

Mrs. Joan Woon





The Educationist was established in 2004.

Since then, The Educationist [Master Degree in Engineering, Nanyang Technological University] has changed the lives of many students from almost every school in Singapore.

F9s to A1s are achieved in Pure Chemistry, Pure Physics, A.Maths, E.Maths, Combined Science (Chemistry and Physics), Lower Secondary Maths and Lower Secondary Science.

These F9 to A1 results are achieved by students from the O-Levels and N-Levels program schools (e.g. Anderson Sec, Broadrick Sec, Cedar Girls’, etc); IB schools (e.g. ACS Independent, ACS International, Hwa Chong International, St. Joseph’s International, etc); IP schools (RI, RGS, Dunman High, Hwa Chong Institution, River Valley High, etc.)

We do not believe in accepting students only from elite or branded schools.

We do not believe in accepting students only if they pass entrance exams.

The Educationist believes that all students should be given an opportunity to experience his trademark F9 to A1 teachings in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

Before our students found out about The Educationist, many of them contemplated dropping Pure Chemistry and Pure Physics from their subjects combination to Combined Science, and many more were on the verge of totally giving up on A. Maths! Those same students have since achieved F9 to A1 improvements in their Mathematics and Science grades. All of our students subsequently qualify for JCs, and many of them are now studying engineering, medicine and accountancy in NTU, NUS, SMU.

Please refer to our F9 TO A1 RESULTS page to witness students’ F9 to A1 result slips, before and after enrollment. Many more F9 to A1 result slips are available at our office for your perusal.

Time waits for no man. Let us embark on our journey towards unleashing our sons’ & daughters’ fullest potential, the F9 to A1 way!

Mission Statement

Maintain our position as Singapore’s No. 1 Education Provider for Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics (O Levels / IGCSE / IB / IP / A Levels).
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The Educationist Students Image
The Educationist Students Image
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Why We are Singapore’s No. 1 in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics

1. Knowledge / Qualifications

2. Exam-Smart Strategies

3. Useful Comprehensive In-House Proprietary Study Materials

4. Lessons Customised to Individual Needs

5. Imparting Knowledge



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